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Be sure to check out my books, they make great coffee table books and conversation starters.

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End of an Era https://www.darrellgraves.photography/blog/2016/3/end-of-an-era  

3/18/2016 - 
Today was a tough one for me, after 20+ years with Nikon, I took in the last of my Nikon gear and have cut ties with them.  My move to Sony is now complete.  Before I get all the bad comments, I still think Nikon has some great products out there, as does Canon and others.  I am just finding that this new Sony A7Rii better fits my direction and style.  I am in no way bashing Nikon, Canon, or any other manufacturer out there.  For those who don't know me, I started out with Pentex and shot with them for several years before moving to Nikon.  Who knows what I will be shooting in 10 or even 20 years.

May your imagination and images be one in the same.

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Table for Two https://www.darrellgraves.photography/blog/2015/5/tabke-for-two


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